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Have you ever wondered what to do with the sculpture you just bought? 
See below for some examples of custom pedestals.

Click on each picture to see the sizes and where the pedestal is available.

Serpentine Pedestal - available

Red-Post Pedestal - available

Lozenge Pedestal with Ikkyou Sculpture on it

Serpentine Pedestal
avail. WSGGallery
Red Post Pedestal
avail. WSGGallery
Lozenge Pedestal
avail. WSGGallery

What functional details go into making a good pedestal?
Click here for an article on Pedestal Design

Carl Wright makes pedestals out of beautiful hardwoods for his sculptures and other
art objects.  His pedestals are sturdy, have a long-lasting durable finish to
prevent scratches, and are adjustable to compensate for uneven floors.

All pedestals are made to the custom height, wood preference,
 and stain color to complement the art object placed on it.
Woods used in prior pedestals include Oak, Purpleheart, Mahogany, and Walnut.

Do you need a sculpture to go with that pedestal?

To purchase, lease or rent a pedestal(s), join our mailing list
or ask a question contact:

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