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Translation: River Flows Through
Green & Brown Alabaster
20"t x 15"w x 9"d on a 8" x 13" Black Granite Base
For Inside  Installation

avail. WSG Gallery

Will deliver for free in 40 mile radius
of Martinsburg, WV



See Kanryuu in Hypothetical Business & Residential Settings

 Kanryuu is one of the Tranquil Series of Sculptures.  It joins other sculptures that include:  Cherish Embrace, Ookawa, Ptolmey1, SecureStillness, Taihei 1, and Taihei 2.

Kanryuu  is a peaceful, meditative sculpture.  I am always reminded of underground caverns and water peacefully gushing through to a new destination.  Kanryuu  is similar to Ookawa but on a smaller more horizontal format.

About the Tranquil Series
The series, Motion, Striving, & Music are about the ability of stone to move or be in motion.  The
Tranquil Series  is just the opposite - it is the ability to be still or quiet.  These sculptures are quiet but joyous works that do not have to shout to gain attention.  They exist.  They just are.


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