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  Soushi 2
Translation: Creation 2
Green Utah Alabaster with white Colorado Alabaster middle.
11" w x 8" d x 36" t   On 12" x 12" black marble base.
For interior only




Watch a 20 second video of the Soushi2 Sculpture

Soushi2 is one of the Motion Series of sculptures. It joins other sculptures that include: Embark, Hansou, Kai, Kinpaku, Mizushou, Momentum, Motion, Nami 2, Oonami, Precipice, Skating, Soushi, Triptych, Ugokasu, Ukei,  and Uzushio

The thought behind Soushi2 was where does an idea come from or how does it come about.  Ideas, at least for me, tend to drop in at totally unexpected times.  An idea is always a gift to spur you into a new direction or new thought pattern.  Soushi2 is closely related to Soushi, Kinpaku, Mizushou, Ukei, and UzushioAll of them share the imminent peril from falling. 

About the Motion Series
Movement is an unusual activity to catch in stone.  Stone Sculpture is noted for being solid, rooted to the ground, and unchanging.  Exploring unanticipated action is the common feature of the Motion Series. A sculpture caught in the act of falling, another sculpture caught just before it is ready to leap off its' base, another seemingly moving effortlessly across its' base.  All of these are displaying that elusive stone quality - movement.

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