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"Voyage" Sculpture

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Voyage Sculpture
Voyage  is 11" x 18" x 36" tall  
weight - 300 lbs approx.300 lbs
Voyage with pedestal is 18" x 18" x 68" tall 
weight - approx. 1100 lbs.
Dove Gray Indiana Limestone

For Inside or Outside Installation      

avail. WSG Gallery

More views available upon request

Voyage is one of the Exuberant Series of Sculptures.  It joins other sculptures that include: Ambit, Journey, Koddori, Seizui, & Takou.

Voyage is a metaphor for the process of accomplishing or attaining a goal. Voyage is a symbol for how life is not a straight line  but rather an involved process that is easy to understand when you stand outside of it but hard to fathom when you are living the situation.

About  The Exuberant Series, as the name implies, is about happiness.  These sculptures, when they were
being carved and ever after, always lighten my heart. They are always cheerful or playful.

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