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Duet Sculpture
Duet  is 12"w x 6" d x 24"tall. 
 Weight – 110 lbs approx.

Dove Gray Indiana Limestone

For Inside or Outside Installation   

avail. WSG Gallery

Front View

Front/Side View

Front/Side View

Side View



Duet is one of the is one of the Music Series of Sculptures.  It joins other sculptures that include: Aria, Rhapsody, Counterpoint, Crescendo, Syncopation, Coordinate Harmony and Senritsu (Melody

 Per  "DUET: An extended musical passage performed by two singers. They may or may not sing simultaneously or on the same musical line."

The Duet sculpture is a metaphor for the  coming together of two similar but different elements to make a whole.  This coming together can be in music, work settings - team building, project management,  and other settings.

Duet starts at the bottom in a chaotic stippled environment & as it's elements rise together it forms a lattice of connectivity - pulling together the various elements to make a harmonious whole.

About the
Music Series
Music is an ephemeral medium. It exists as a two-dimensional entity on a sheet of paper called a score.  It exists as a momentary auditory experience in a performance. The Music Series is my way of making a two-dimensional/momentary experience a tangible three-dimensional solid. These gentle sculptures sway (metaphorically because of their design) to a music they either hear or are producing.




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