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The Short Story: Carl hand-sculpts stone into abstract forms for home & business that projects quietness & strength from the table-top size to the corporate lobby size.

The Long Story
:Carl Wright is a full-time abstract sculptor who works in stone to create sculptures that embody quiet beauty.  His sculptural themes are shown in: the Motion Series, the Striving Series, the Music Seriesthe Tranquil Series. and the Exuberant Series  His sculptures are a respite from the hurly-burly of modern life.  His themes are meant to be an expression of tranquil, purposeful living.

Carl works in abstract sculpture since his themes are universal and do not need to be figural to express themselves.  Figural sculpture would be too restrictive to express the sculptures' message. Many of his sculptures have Japanese names since Carl's sculptures are said to be perfect for a Japanese Rock (Meditation) Garden. Many of his sculptures also are visual representations of intangible things like: Syncopation, Aria, Embrace, and Secure.

Artist Introduction: 
Carl Wright never really had a choice.  He had to work in 3-D  …...everything else seemed so …. flat.  His medium of choice is stone because of its long lasting beauty, its ability to evoke emotion and stability through the tactile feel and it’s sweeping design. Carl sculpts abstract shapes in alabaster, marble and limestone. He prefers alabaster because of the color, its workability, and because it is not a homogenous color. “Marble is great for indoors. Limestone is great anywhere“.   Abstract stone sculpture conveys diverse thoughts and emotions to different people making it a good choice to engage the maximum amount of viewers.  It is also durable and low maintenance.

 Carl Wright has participated in seven Public Art programs, received a Professional (Artist) Development Grant from the State of WV, and participated in juried museum shows. He is represented by three galleries: one in Richmond, VA, one in Martinsburg,  and one in Atlanta and several discriminating art consultants.  His work resides in homes in Zug, Switzerland, Washington, DC, and Orlando, FL to name a few.  One sculpture is in a large pharmaceutical corporate headquarters in Durham, NC. 

Before becoming a sculptor, Carl worked in several different art media.  He found stone the most satisfying and wood the second.  He also found out that dirt and noise do not trouble him much in his studio.  Fortunately, people buying sculpture are buying a beautiful stone sculpture that will shed no more dirt or stone fragments.  Carl got rid of the dirt and stone fragments already.

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Comments on Sculpture: 

Stone is a natural choice for Carl’s work because of its ambiguity.  His sculpture is characterized by the contrast of the cold hardness of the stone and the warm sensuality of the form. Carl’s sculpture is a delight to the eye and an uplift to the soul. It is meant to be a soothing balm to the eye after a day in the working world.  The sculptures do not shout their presence, but have an authority and stillness all their own.  The intent of the sculpture is to infuse viewers with calmness or bring a smile of recognition when viewing the sculpture.

The sensual lines and forms of his sculpture surge, separate, and then rejoin in a continuous dance of design and shape.   Most of his sculptures have openings in them – some long and narrow and some circular.  The piercing in the stone serves two purposes.  First is to highlight the design by releasing the color and form to the daylight.  The second is far more devious.  The piercing points up the implied weightlessness, because of the light pouring through the sculpture.  The weightlessness is contrasted to the viewer’s knowledge that stone is a heavy medium thereby setting up a level of ambiguity. These openings encourage the sculptures to meld into their surroundings, by showing fleeting images of people passing by and vignettes of the surrounding environment.   

The sculptures are about fluidity and implied – rather than stated - motion.  Many of his sculptures appear to be caught, as in a photograph, between the movement they had just performed and the next movement they are about to begin.  Some of the Motion Sculptures would include: Kinpaku, Mizushou, Hansou, and Ukei.

Other sculptures are meant to be about personal achievement or solitude in the Striving Series  such as: Eihei, Ikkyou, and Toorimichi.

Some sculptures such as the Music Series are all about interpreting rhythm and melody into stone such as: Aria, Senritsu, and Crescendo.

The Tranquil Series is just what it sounds like, peaceful relaxing sculpture.  These would include: Embrace, Shizukesa, Taihei 1 & Taihei 2.

Finally there is the Exuberant Series with sculptures like: Koddori, Seizui, and Takou.

 His sculpture in that sense shares many characteristics with Japanese design – understated beauty, grace, and timelessness – ergo many of his works have Japanese names.

Public Art:

  • 2014 - Installed the sculpture Coordinate Harmony on a lease in Nashville, IN

  • 2012 - Permanently installed Eihei at the Mount Dora Community Sculpture Garden in Mount Dora, FL

  • 2010 - the sculpture Motion is on exhibit at the Courthouse Galleries in Portsmouth, VA

  • 2010 – 2014  -  The Sculpture, Aria, is on display at the renowned  Northshore Sculpture Park in Skokie IL.   Aria is located on McCormick Blvd between Touhy & Howard Ave.

  • 2010  - The Sculpture, Ambit,  is on Display in the City of Baltimore’s Here, There, Anywhere - Public Sculpture Project from July 15, 2010 – October 31, 2010

  • 2007 – 2009  - Two sculptures on display, Eihei & Motion, as part of the City of Algonquin, IL Public Art Series.

Group Shows:

  • 2010 - TransistionsDC Design Center Gallery. Washington DC

  • 2008 - Bucks County Sculpture Group Show, Doylestown, PA 

  • 2008 - Fun and Fauna 2-person show, The Chasen Galleries, Richmond, VA. 

  • 2008 - Spring – Group Show at Dickirson Gallery, c/o Tamarack, Beckley, WV.  

  • 2008 - The Marriage of Art 2-person show, Ed Chasen Fine Art, Washington, DC

  • 2007 - Shapes of White Group Show at Somerhill Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC 

  • 2006 - 3 on 3 Group Show at Mountain Laurel Gallery, Berkeley Springs, WV.

  • 2006 - Serendipitous Group Show at Dickirson Gallery, c/o Tamarack, Beckley, WV

  • 2005 - Stone/Wood/Steel Group Show at Fine Art & Artists Gallery in Washington, DC. 

  • 1998 - Invitational group show at Washington County Museum of Fine Arts in Hagerstown, MD.  Washington County Museum is accredited by the American Association of Museums. 

  • 1997 - Invitational group show at Boarman Arts Center in Martinsburg, WV. 

  • 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, & 2001 -  Cumberland Valley Artists Exhibition at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts in Hagerstown, MD.  WCM is accredited by the American Association of Museums.  

 Private Collections:

-Washington, DC                    - Zug Switzerland                    -Arlington, VA 
-Orlando, FL                            -Tucson, AZ                          -Concord, CA
-Concord, CA                          -Atlanta, GA                          -Martinsburg, WV
-Fort Worth, TX                       -Chapel Hill, NC                    - Charlotte, NC


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