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General Questions:            

1.    Are the sculptures carved or molded?  All of the sculpture I make is hand carved.  I start with a rough block of stone and transform it by carving it into a sculpture.  See pictures at right of before and after carving. 

2.    What types of stone do you carve?   I carve mainly Indiana Limestone, Alabaster & Marble.  There are other stones to carve, but they have health drawbacks like silicosis ie.: Soapstone & Sandstone.   

a.     Can the sculptures be placed outdoors?  Indiana Limestone is the stone I prefer for exteriors.  Indiana Limestone has been used for decades as an exterior stone in such places as the Pentagon in Arlington and also the National Cathedral in Washington DC.  In fact the building and all the sculpture at National Cathedral is made of Indiana Limestone.

Stone Ready to Be Carved

Finished Sculpture - Eihei

       3.    Can you carve a sculpture for a grave marker in a cemetery?  I would enjoy the opportunity to carve an artistic grave marker.  There is an element of ultimate love & devotion attached to having a grave marker carved for a loved one that has passed on. The grave marker can be a celebration of the loved one’s life  - more than just a recitation of the dates of their birth and death.

4.    What is the largest sculpture you have carved?  The largest sculpture I have carved is a 6’ tall sculpture.  It is meant to go on a 36” pedestal to give it a final dressed out height of 8 ˝’.  Welcome the opportunity to go larger.

      5.    How can I see more of your work?  There are four different ways.

a.    Video:  I will be adding videos shortly to my website of the sculptures in-house.  A sculpture can then be seen in-the-round, as if you were there, in addition to the current four – five different still photographic views.

b.    Public Art: The latest news and sculpture being used in Public Art is shown on my website at:

    c. Galleries: My work can be seen in-person at three places.  They are: My Studio in Martinsburg, Chasen Galleries in Richmond, VA, and the Gina Woodruff Gallery in Long Beach, CA. Addresses & websites for galleries are at: .

d.    Art Consultants: call or email me, and I can suggest some art consultants in your area that can help you decide on an appropriate sculpture. 

6.    Where do you get your inspiration? Inspiration comes from the world around me.  My work is to reawaken or reacquaint the viewer with positive themes.  These themes include the Music Theme, Motion Theme, Striving Theme, Tranquil Theme, and the Exuberant Theme.  Here is an overview of what the different themes are and what sculptures belong with which theme at: .

7.    How much do they weigh?  Stone in its raw state weighs 165 lbs. per cubic foot.  Imagine a box that is 12” x 12” x 12” – in stone that would equal 165 lbs.  Since I carve the stone into sculpture it is considerably lighter than 165 lbs. per cubic foot.  Also I  do not start with a cube, usually start with a rectangle that is thin in depth.

a.    As a rough guide, sculpture up to 12” tall weighs approx.  50 lbs or less.

b.    Sculpture up to 24” tall weighs approx. 100 lbs or less. 

8.    How much will it cost to ship? I would be happy to quote shipping & handling charges on any sculpture in my studio.  Just contact me at . Below are two estimates from UPS, one on a 16” tall sculpture and one a 24” tall sculpture.  These quotes are for reference only and were quoted as of 05/11/12.

a.    Shipping by UPS  -

1 crate with a 16” tall sculpture [Crescendo] valued at $3,200 shipped from Martinsburg, WV to San Francisco would be: $235 for shipping & handling. 

1 crate with a 24” tall sculpture [Precipice] valued at $3,200 shipped from Martinsburg, WV to Kansas City, Missouri would be : $200 for shipping & handling. 

More Specific: 

1.    Can you carve a sculpture for my home?  Yes, would be happy to.   

2.    Can a business commission a sculpture?  Yes. 

3.    What is the process of carving a sculpture for me?  The link: Sculpture Ordering Process takes you to a page that walks you through the entire process. 

4.    Would the sculpture go on a base?  Depends on the sculpture.  If a sculpture narrows down to a small footprint such as Hansou, the sculpture must have a base.  Do not want a tippy or unbalanced sculpture going to a clients home.  Bases are made in granite & marble to my specifications that are complimentary to the sculpture. 

5.    Would the sculpture go on or need a pedestal?  A pedestal is a very good idea unless you have a countertop or equally stable & sturdy surface to place the sculpture on.  An end table, coffee table, etc are not good choices.
      Three factors figure into pedestals: inside or outside sculpture placement, height, & stability. If the sculpture is for the exterior, the pedestal must be stone.  If the sculpture is an interior one, stone or wood are fine.
      The height should be high enough so that the average person is at a comfortable viewing height with it. The sculpture should not be so low that it is stumbled over.  The pedestal should not be so high as to dwarf the human viewers.
      Stability is crucial for a pedestal that holds a sculpture.  The pedestal should not rock back and forth on the floor, should be level – so the sculpture is stable & secure, & have levelers on the pedestal legs to make sure that even if the floors are out-of-level – the sculpture is not.  For more information on pedestals see the article on sculpture pedestals at
Pedestal Design or see actual examples I have made at:            

            a. Do you also create pedestals or have a recommendation for someone who does?  Pedestals, if possible, should be made by the sculptor.  Making a pedestal that is artfully done, complimentary to the sculpture, and subordinate to the sculpture is the objective of designing and making a pedestal.  If getting a sculptor-made pedestal is not an option, there are other woodworkers who are very capable & I can recommend some.   Some examples of pedestals I have made are at: .

6.    How much do you charge for sculpture?  Custom & in-stock sculpture is priced the same; saves confusion on my part.  You can see how I price by looking at completed sculptures on my web page.  A custom sculpture would be roughly the same as already completed ones.  Taxes, shipping & installation are extra. 

a.    Do you rent or lease the sculptures?  I can connect you with a wonderful art company that can help you with the details of renting or leasing. 

7.    Can you come to my home and make some site recommendations for sculpture?  Yes.   

8.    For larger sculptures, can you make full-sized mockups to show what the final sculpture looks like? Yes.

Kyouko Sculpture - Private Residence



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