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 Voyage Sculpture added to website             

Coordinate Harmony was permanently installed at the University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana at the Irwin Center for Doctoral Study in Business. April 2018

Installed Aria Sculpture on a 1 year lease in Rocky Mount, NC.  Aria will be in Rocky Mount, NC until Sept. 7, 2018

Installed Precipice sculpture on a 1 year lease in Portsmouth, VA.  Precipice will be in Portsmouth until November 2017.

Installed on lease the Sculpture Aria in Chapel Hill.   See the Sculpture Visions Brochure with the location of all the finalists. Aria will be in Chapel until June 2016.

Installed a new section on the website for Businesses wanting sculpture.    It shows what four different buildings looks like before sculpture & after.  The sculpture sitings are all hypothetical.

Just finished installing Coordinate Harmony in Nashville, Indiana for a two year lease.  Here are some pictures.  Here is a news article in the Blommington Herald-Times News article & the Brown County Democrat on newly installed sculpture Coordinate Harmony in Nashville, IN

The sculptures Taihei 1 & Taihei 2 have been sold to the DCCAH (DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities).  Ecstatic to have two sculptures in former hometown.

The sculpture Stillness has been inducted into the WV State Museum Permanent Collection.

The Sculpture Duet is complete.  

Short article on Eihei being installed in Mount Dora, FL by Hagerstown Magazine:

Press Release from Mount Dora about the sculpture Eihei coming down to be installed in the Mount Dora Community Sculpture GardenPress release here.  Pictures here: Eihei in Mount Dora

Video of What working with Carl is like:
Here is a video of Carl sawing up a piece of limestone.  The limestone eventually became the sculpture "Counterpoint" - seen below. The link is to my Facebook page at:


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