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May 2012 Newletter

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May 1, 2012

s Valued connections wanted to catch you up on what has been happening so far this year.  As of today, there are 4 sculptures either on exhibit or permanently installed in various parts of the country so far this year.   Am very fortunate to be able to carve, exhibit, & share my vision of the world in stone.   

As you know, I carve abstract stone sculpture from the table-top size to corporate lobby size in a variety of stones which include Limestone (pictured below), marble, & alabaster. 

If you would like to have a sculpture for your home, business or a client, email me & we can talk about what you would like to accomplish with a stone sculpture & how that can become a reality.

Thank you for your continued support.





, is in its' second year of a three year stay at the Northshore Sculpture Park in Skokie, IL - just west of Chicago.  Aria holds her own against 72 other sculptures assembled in the Northshore.   

Aria is part of the Music Series3 of sculptures.  

I look at Aria and see a singer, well-trained and confident, opening her mouth to start singing a solo aria in Opera. Aria is about being a confident person in a competitive environment. The reason for thinking Aria belongs in an opera genre is the stippling of the upper third of the sculpture and also the sweeping lines which connotes a sweeping costume. 

is now permanently installed in the Community Sculpture Garden in Mount Dora, FL, a beautiful town about 45 miles NNE of Orlando.  Previous to being sold, he was on exhibit from April to October in the City Square in Rockville, MD 

“Eihei”  is part of the Striving Series2 of Sculptures.  

“Eihei”  is a protector sculpture.  “Eihei”, if he was a human, would be the one you would want at your side for protection.  From his Hittite inspired top through his stance he is inspires quiet efficiency in his solemn task. He is a quietly strong sculpture meant to greet guests when they arrive at a house or business rather like the lions in front of the NYC Library.    



is the latest completed sculpture  and is in exhibit at the Courthouse Galleries in Portsmouth, VA until October 2012. 

Journey is one of the Exuberant Series4 of Sculptures 

Journey is  how life is not a straight line  but rather an involved process that is easy to understand when you stand outside of it but hard to fathom when you are living the situation.

was recently installed for an exhibit in North Charleston, SC.  He will be on exhibit until November 2012. 

Ambit is one of the Exuberant Series4 of Sculptures. 
From - Ambit am
     1. circumference; circuit.
     2 .a sphere of operation or influence; range; scope: the ambit of such an action.

Ambit is about claiming suzerainty over your space.  In this case Ambit is claiming his right to be joyful, fold back on himself & then reappear.  His joy of being alive and swaying to his own music that he hears. Constantly rolling along changing, evolving – but always joyful always moving. 



Sculpture Series:

2 About the Striving Series
The Striving Series is composed of sculptures that either are inspiring (by trying to motivate you onward) or strong (conveying an attitude of not backing down). These sculptures are characterized by their appearance of an unyielding/unmoving stance or assertive direction-orientated stance. These sculptures use the reality of the hardness of stone to reinforce their message.

3 About the Music Series
Music is an ephemeral medium. It exists as a two-dimensional entity on a sheet of paper called a score. It exists as a momentary auditory experience in a performance. The Music Series is my way of making a two-dimensional/momentary experience a tangible three-dimensional solid. These gentle sculptures sway (metaphorically because of their design) to a music they either hear or are producing.

About the Exuberant Series, as the name implies, is about happiness.  These sculptures, when they were being carved and ever after, always lighten my heart. They are always cheerful or playful.





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