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I will be in Sculpture Visions 2015-2016 from June 2015 until June 2016.
My sculpture "Aria, is on locator #5 (see map & legend below).
If you would like to own Aria, contact the Chapel Hill Public Art office listed below.


Key to Sculptures in Sculpture Visions Map at left:

1. Oak Leaf Shade Bench by Jim Gallucci: Community Center, 120 S. Estes Dr.
2. Moondance by Wayne Vaughn: Seymour Center, 2551 Homestead Rd.
3. In Motion by Jeff Keifer: Library Sculpture Trail, 100 Library Dr.
4. Astral Projection Yellow by Ray Katz: Community Center, 120 S. Estes Dr.
5. Aria by Carl Wright: Roberson Apts., 151 S. Roberson St.
6. Flight by Bob Doster: Homestead Aquatic Center, 300 Northern Park Dr.
7. Paso Doble II by Christopher Curtis: Hultquist IP (Lawyer), 1414 Raleigh Rd.
8. Reach by Peter Krsko: Parks & Rec Administration, 200 Plant Rd.
9.  Love Bound with Claws by Paris Alexander: Peace & Justice Plaza, 179 E. Franklin St.
10. Babel by Charles Pilkey: Estes Office Park, 104 S. Estes Dr.
11. Blooming Cube by Hanna Jubran: Hargraves Center, 216 N. Roberson St.
12. Harlequin by Christian Hansen: Library Sculpture Trail, 100 Library Dr.

Sculpture Visions is a sculpture exhibit featuring a variety of styles, themes and media. The artworkssited around town create a sense of beauty, place and a shared experience for Chapel Hill’s residents and visitors alike.

Numbers on the map correspond to the numbered sculptures inside and in the location key.

For purchase and other inquiries, contact the Public and Cultural Arts Office at 919.968.2749 or For more info visit

 Thanks to Hultquist IP and Estes Office Park for their sponsorship of sculptures at those sites.





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